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CommCraft web sites are designed to complement existing marketing activities

We are marketers first.  This means the websites we do for our clients are custom designed to compliment existing marketing activities.

Complementing existing marketing activities could mean anything from visual complements to tactical, or operational, complements.  For example, after visiting one of our clients web sites, a visitor could most likely pick out a clients brochure or other collateral material from a tabletop full of brochures — just from the visual look alone.  We transfer the equity a client has in existing name/logo and collateral material to a client's web site.

An example of having a web site as a tactical complement to an existing marketing plan could be something like a lead generating program targeting a specific audience.  A multi-pronged marketing approach involving traditional media, direct mail and trade shows could center on a web site.  The web site would be designed to:

  • Provide the primary means of providing in-depth product information to the target audience.  Any material handed out at a trade show would be summary in nature and reference the web site for more in-depth information.  The same would hold true for ads, where interest would be generated but lead to in-depth product information on the site.
  • Provide the primary lead gathering conduit through E-mail and feedback links.  Since leads collected through the web site are already in electronic form, they could easily be fed directly into lead tracking and follow-up programs such as ACT® or Goldmine®





What is included with a CommCraft web site

  • Marketing consultation concerning web site strategy and integration of a web site with clients existing marketing plan and collateral material.
  • Custom masthead art based on existing collateral material supplied by client; buttons, backgrounds, links and contact pages customizing the site to fit the clients visual identity generated using NetObjects Fusion.
  • Forms and help guides for client supplied material such as web site copy, search engine information and graphics materials in electronic or printed form.
  • A feedback form on the client web site where form information filled in by site visitors would be E-mailed to client (on compatible servers).
  • Access to view "Work in Progress" of a client's site on CommCraft´s own web site.
  • Domain name registration and/or transfer (when necessary).
  • Posting of web site to a compatible host server.
  • Web site promotion to the top 7 - 10 search engines/directories
  • Web site graph and statistical feedback using Webtrends Log Analyzer with compatible server log files (optional).





Web site pricing

     CommCraft web sites are custom designed according to each client's specific situation and needs. A typical web site with custom graphics, feedback form,  testing/posting, and promotion to major search engines. 

     Please send us an e-mail or fill out our feedback form for more specific pricing information.

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