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Establishing your own web site and then announcing it to all the search engines in the world guarantees …nothing.  That is easy to understand when you realize there are over 400 million web pages on the Internet today.    

What makes a web site successful?

Virtually all of the the businesses we work with, and have worked with, are built on relationships.

A well thought out web site is a powerful, interactive marketing tool where critical, decision-making information is available immediately to potential clients and customers.  Where information is requested concerning a product or business…rich, in-depth information is literally at a client's fingertips…no call-backs, no mailing of this or that, no "please-holds." 

Potential customers and clients can learn about a product or business at a pace they set, when it's convenient for them, and they can do it anonymously.  A web site should make it easy for your potential clients and customers to find the information they need to do business with you.  Writing for the web is not the same as writing for a brochure.  Reading from a computer screen is absolutely not the same as reading a brochure.

A vital key to web site success is promotion.   Listing a web site with search engines isn't enough.  How you help key audiences find out about, and go to your web site, is just as important as the web site itself.  Magazine ads, press releases, stationary and business cards, e-mail, etc. are all candidates that can be used to cost-effectively promote a website. Consider everything.

There are other keys to web site success, of course. Everything we can share with a client to help ensure success, we do …and we can do it for you. 
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