These are a few of the community organizations we are helping in a number of ways — from providing information on our Web site to donating a little sweat equity on the front lines.  In any case, we urge your support… get involved!




Cupertino Community Services

I CareClick on the headline or heart to find out about a really great giving and fundraising idea for the Cupertino, West San Jose, and Northwest Los Gatos areas.  CommCraft help develop the concept and donated the artwork design and production for the brochures and vouchers.  Linotext in Cupertino donated the four color film and Kwik Kopy printing in Cupertino donated the printing . . . be sure and tell Linotext and Kwik Kopy "Thanks" if you ever have any film or printing needs.




Monta Vista High Senior All-Night Party

The various all-night party committees and general party organization information from the 1999 Senior All Night Party will remain on our site as a reference until the end of the 2002 school year.  The 1999 all night party was a tremendous undertaking and a terrific success.  For your reference the Monta Vista 1999 Senior All Night Party Chairpersons Roster is attached.  




Los Altos United Methodist Church Starfire Script Sales

The youth ministries and music program at Los Altos United Methodist Church is incredible!  Script sales is just one of the ways the program is supported and we´re involved with the script program.  Meanwhile, check out the youth ministries page at the Church's web site:



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